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Clique Biovital Skin Rehabilitation Treatment (BVT)

Skin Rehabilitation

Skin rehabilitation is a multifaceted process aimed at restoring and enhancing the health, appearance, and functionality of the skin. The skin, being the body’s largest organ, is exposed to various external factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, pollution, and stress, which can contribute to damage, premature aging, and other issues. Recent abuse of using lasers, HIFU, threads and biostimulators, can cause iatrogenic interstitial fibrosis causing non-visible scarring of the face and body, later leading to poor skin conditions and scarring. Overused of Fractional CO2 on acne scars can also cause long term complications such as skin sensitivity, redness, pigmentation and more scarring.

Innovations in Skin Rehabilitation

Recent advancements in technology continue to influence skin rehabilitation. Innovations using electromagnetic stimulation, pulsed-radiofrequency therapy, and advanced injectable formulations with cutting-edge ingredients offer additional options for addressing specific concerns and promoting skin health.

The most significant technology breakthrough is the Bio-Vital Therapy.

As part of the wear and tear and aging, the skin starts to have:

  • poor circulation
  • reduced lymphatic drainage
  • deterioration of matrix (the medium that skin cells live in)
  • increased collagen, elastin breakdown
  • slowing down of collagen, elastin production
  • reduced skin transpiration
  • reduced oxygen and nutritional supply
  • reduced recovery of toxins
biovital skin diagram

Fig 1: Healthy young skin, versus aged unhealthy skin

Toxins are electrical insulators, and the accumulation of toxins in the skin cells slow down the sodium/potassium pump activities of the cells. As a result, the cell activity drops and created more toxin build up. The skin goes through a viscous cycle, and the skin condition deteriorates with time.

2024 is the year of Skin Rehabilitation, BioVital Therapy - biovital skin cell diagram 1

Fig 2: Toxins are not drained from the lymphatic microcirculation and increase the electrical resistance of the dermis from 100/200 Ohm up to 500/700 Ohm and slow down the pumping of sodium and potassium. The presence of greater amounts of toxins constitutes a mechanical block that obstructs electropores and further impedes the pumping of sodium and potassium.

By using the Bio-Vital Therapy, electromagnetic field is applied in varying potential from positive to negative. The positively charged magnetic field pushes Na+ and K+ across electropores of cell membranes. The electrical resistance is surpassed causing the skin cells and fibroblasts to be enriched. The subsequent negatively charged EM field attracts the ions towards the outside of cell membranes. Toxins are then recovered, and skin is rehabilitated. The electrons flowing from the electrodes through the dermis and the induced ion migrations considerably reduce the electrical resistance of the skin, thus allowing a more effective action of Na+ and K+.

2024 is the year of Skin Rehabilitation, BioVital Therapy - how biovital works 2

Psychological Aspects:

The impact of skin rehabilitation extends beyond physical changes; it often influences psychological well-being. Improvements in skin health can boost confidence, self-esteem, and overall mental health. Acknowledging the psychological aspects of skin rehabilitation emphasizes the holistic nature of the process.

In conclusion, skin rehabilitation is a comprehensive and evolving process that requires a personalized and multifaceted approach. From the assessment and diagnosis of skin conditions to the incorporation of skincare products, medical treatments, and lifestyle adjustments, the journey to optimal skin health involves dedication and patience. Embracing innovations in skincare, understanding individual needs, and recognizing the psychological impact of skin rehabilitation contribute to a holistic and successful approach to achieving healthy, radiant skin.

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