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Testimonial & Reviews

Poova (Award-winning Singer & Songwriter)

My skin is looking so good after the acne scar laser. I can’t believe the results, it’s so amazing! Best of all services with megawatt smiles. I feel safe and comfortable. This is important to me.  

Chris, Tong Bingyu (International Artiste)

I did CoolSculpting at Clique Clinic, in a very short period of time, my body shape is getting more defined after the CoolSculpting procedure. 

Belinda Chee (TV Host, Actress)

I feel my skin is a lot brighter after the laser treatment. It works, and it didn’t hurt. 

Evan Siau (Actor, Singer & Model)

I had very deep tear troughs. Had them treated with dermal filler. I look more energetic now! 

Rebecca Saw (Influencer, Digital Marketing Consultant)

Thanks to Clique Clinic's CoolSculpting. It has taken my body to a level that hasn't been possible with just diet and working out.

Wynn Chew:

Fantastic service and treatment was effective. I'm going back and will be recommending Clique to my friends.

Pleasance Chong

I had my women's health screening done recently and it was a very pleasant experience. Brought my mum and aunt as well, and they too had a good experience.

Rieta Kaya Sirdi

A very great and professional place with great consultation and solutions... best bible for better life…

Kit Mun

My favourite treatment is Coolsculpting! I can see visible reduction on the banana roll area on my thighs and reduction in fat bulge’s size although I have gained two kgs after the treatment.

Catherine Chee KF

Staff members were friendly and Dr Bob John was very welcoming and I'm satisfied with their service!