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Body Contouring

Body contouring is one of the most sought out for treatments for many body contouring clinics around the world. It is important to look out for a certified clinic to avoid any unwanted side effects or no results, sometimes irreversible.

What is body contouring?
Full body contouring is how we accentuate the hourglass shape (female body contouring) and the desired V-shape body (male body contouring). With body contouring, we are treating and eliminating your subcutaneous fats (fats under the skin). Subcutaneous fats are not responsive to any form of diet and exercise.

Forget about the body contouring creams and body contouring gels for short-term results. Forget about having to go under the knife with liposuction. We have a non surgical and non invasive body contouring treatment – CoolSculpting®, SculpSure™ and truSculpt® 3D.

The treatments are tailored to body aesthetic concerns. Find out more with our doctors and professional medical assessors. Get a CoolSculpting® cost check with our consultants by making an appointment with us.

Q : Should you come for body contouring after weight loss?
A: You can definitely work on both concurrently, with professional doctor’s advice while taking care of your diet and lifestyle.