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Acne Scar Treatment

Clique® Clinic offers a wide range of acne scar treatments but they all work towards the same goal of removing the external layers of the scar tissue cells, leaving the scar surfaces faded or minimally visible.

Laser treatment for acne scar by Scar Remodeling Laser, which is also known as Fractional CO2 treatment causes less injury to the tissue and encourages faster healing with less risk of scarring or pigment damage.

1 to 4 treatments may be necessary but 2 to 3 is average for those with moderate acne scarring.

More than three treatments are recommended for satisfactory visible results but it depends entirely on the severity of your acne scars. The ‘social downtime’ can be up to a week depending on the laser settings. The skin will look red for 1 to 3 weeks but there is no bleeding, bruising or minimal swelling.

After each acne scar laser treatment, you will be given a post-laser cream to help shorten ‘social downtime’, itchiness and dryness of skin after laser.

Q : Do acne scar removal products or cream work to remove acne scars?
A: No. There is no such cream that can remove scarring entirely. Even laser treatments are not able to remove scars 100% but are able to significantly lighten scars, leaving the scarred surfaces least visible to the naked eye.